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Thank you for visiting Online Casino What, the most popular guide to choosing what online casino to play. We have made it easier for our visitors to find the best online casinos right away, simply check out the table below which lists the current top internet casinos available, along with their bonus offers, restrictions, if any and more. Play at the casinos with confidence and without having to do all the homework yourself - it doesn't get any easier than this!

What online casino to play?

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Vegas Casino Online

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Aladdin's Gold Casino

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Bodog Casino

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Las Vegas USA

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High Noon Casino

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Casino Titan

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Quick information about the online casinos

There are literally hundreds of different questions people ask about the online casinos on regular basis, via email or on the forums. Of course, it would be impossible to answer all of them in the very short space allowed on our home page, but you get get the information about the casinos online at this popular website. Thus one should visit our gambling guides by following the menu links to the left of the page. Those contain comprehensive information on gambling and particularly casino gambling, but to make it easier for our readers, we have compiled a list of the most frequently asked questions, along with quick answers. Keep in mind that those answers should not be held in view as complete, but only as a basic guideline to exploring our gambling guides further.

What are online casinos? - An online casino is a website which offers gambling services much similar to a brick&mortar casino. There customers can find video slots, table games, progressive jackpots and even specialty games such as bingo, keno and even scratch cards. Naturally all those games offered are in a "virtual form", i.e. no physical machines are used, but much rather similar to a video game.

How do internet casinos work? - Surprisingly enough, very similar to the real-life casinos. With the exceptions of table games, all other games operate on the same principal - using a random number generator to determine the outcome of the game. But unlike real slot machines, for example, which also use the same random number generator but physical reels to display the result, online casino will present the winning/losing result in a video form. Some casinos also offer live deal blackjack and other table games via a webcam, but the lack of popularity has made those a real rarity. And see also how to play online casino to learn more about gambling and the industry.

How to select online casino to play? - First and foremost, make sure you check your local laws to see if online gambling is legal in your jurisdiction. If it is, simply select any of the casinos we have listed above in our quick access "what online casino" to play table. These are all safe, secure and fun to play gambling websites, which have been verified by our reviewers as the best among most of the web casinos available today. The only decision you should make is which bonus offer appeals to you the most of the online casinos in USA and the rest of the world.

Want to learn more about online casino gambling? Then check out our guides for expert information of the workings, tips and tricks, as well as strategies to maximize your winnings.

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