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The casino bonus is the best tool for the internet casinos to attract new customers and to retain their current player base. And at the same time is one of the most beneficial aspects for the players themselves. As many of you already know, the land-based casinos almost never offer free money bonuses and if they do - the amount is so minuscule, it's downright funny when compared to their online counterparts. When was the last time anyone walked at the local casino and the pit boss told them they will get 200% bonus right away? Never, that's when!

 The online casinos have been offering sign-up bonuses since the very beginning. And thanks to the increasing competition among the web casinos, those bonuses have been only steadily growing over the years, reaching amazing proportions today. At the online casinos on our approved list, a new player can easily get $500 in free money, which once the requirements are met, can be easily withdrawn. Not this kind of bonus everyone can get behind.

 And speaking of requirements, don't be afraid, they are simply put in place to make sure that the customer will actually gamble with the bonus. If there were no bonus requirements a player could simply claim the bonus and withdraw it right away, making the casino essentially a free ATM machine. The requirements usually encompass something called "play-though", which is a certain amount of wagers one can make before they can request a withdrawal of the free money given to them by the online casino. Keep in mind that those are wagering requirements, not loss requirements, i.e. all the casino cares is the amount of bets placed and not the actual outcome of the bets. So if you are running a winning streak, not only the requirements will be satisfied, but you will actually be able to withdraw much more than just the bonus itself.

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